Prologis, Locix Unveil Next-Gen Warehouse, Logistics Tech at Logis-Tech Tokyo

Locix and Prologis recently debuted first-of-its-kind technology and solutions at the Logis-Tech Tokyo trade show.
Locix demonstrated how its cloud-based visual and spatial sensor technology provides next-gen warehouses with the data they need for automated decision-making at Prologis’ booth. Locix’s sensor technology is expected to provide major growth opportunities for today’s next-gen warehouses.
As partners, Prologis and Locix stood together to outline the escalating amount of logistics challenges next-gen warehouses face and the new-to-market solutions that Locix can provide.
The Logis-Tech Tokyo trade show marked the first time Locix and Prologis jointly promoted the solutions it had been working on for the last year.
“We were excited to use this as an opportunity to generate interest from the industry and to accelerate future deployments,” Locix VP, Product and Marketing Matt Davidson told Connected Real Estate Magazine.
“In perfect alignment with the booth’s theme, ‘Ahead of What’s Next,’ Prologis continues to show their commitment and leadership in bringing exciting, new technology and solutions into the distribution center, and Locix is incredibly proud and honored to be a part of that effort.
“The Logis-tech Tokyo event was a perfect place to announce the partnership between Locix and Prologis. Being the largest logistics trade show in Asia, the venue provided Locix and Prologis a great platform to showcase how Locix’s cutting edge technology is being deployed by Prologis for the benefit and use of their customers.”
One of the challenges Locix and Prologis look to help warehouses address is meeting customer expectations—particularly ones like requiring warehouses and logistics providers to change how they operate.
According to Davidson, as customers increase their e-commerce spend, they’re expecting faster delivery times, which has caused an explosion in the number of warehouses there are today.
The increased volume has led to more warehouses winding up in expensive urban areas, as well as an increased sales-to-inventory ratio that requires a larger labor force.
“These trends are only accelerating, further increasing labor, transportation and real estate costs moving forward,” Davidson told Connected. “The key to increasing the velocity of e-commerce while counteracting the increase in operating costs is to build smarter infrastructure, which can respond dynamically to increasing demands.”
Locix’s solutions are expected to address this emerging need by collecting the correct kind of data to increase productivity and efficiency.
The company’s technology will rethink how visual and spatial (indoor location) and sensor data is collected in order to provide the accurate, contextual data that automated decision making and advanced analytical tools need to improve next-gen warehouse operations.
Specifically, Locix is currently focusing on solutions to improve efficiency and productivity in three different areas in the warehouse and logistics industry:
• Inside and outside the loading dock
• Space utilization
• Asset location and utilization
Although Locix’ tech is primarily focused on the next-gen warehouse and logistics market at the moment, the company’s primary goal is enable scalable, actionable data collection to allow for better decision making in any environment—including commercial real estate.
Once viable solutions for collecting high definition images, videos or accurate indoor location data become available at a reasonable price point, Locix envisions a more widespread deployment of its solutions.
“Once this stream of visual, location, and sensor data is available, the opportunities for its use are truly limitless, especially when keeping in mind the rapid pace of development around machine learning and automation,” Davidson said.
“Our early engagements have shown a lot of interest in areas such as automated remote inspection, space utilization, asset usage and tracking, remote monitoring, and of course security. With our state-of-the-art cloud platform and open API, any of our partners can leverage Locix solutions to build targeted applications aimed at almost any industry or use case.”
Currently, Locix’s wireless sensor systems have been deployed at a Prologis distribution center in Ichikawa, Japan, which is just outside of Tokyo. The Locix-powered smart truck uses machine learning analytics that enable real time warehouse dock insight, intelligent truck docking and routing.
The same visual platform can be used for visual space utilization for forensic analysis.
Locix also demonstrated its Wi-Fi-based Local Positioning System that has sub-meter accuracy in complex indoor environments that can enable asset tracking and asset utilization.
“Logistics optimization is becoming increasingly critical as e-commerce growth puts additional pressure on warehouse and logistics operations to fulfill customer demands,” Prologis Japan president Mike Yamada, said in a statement.
“Our Locix partnership enables us to add value to our customers’ operations through data aggregation and visualization, plus the use of machine learning to deliver actionable analytics and insights.”

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