Increase In-Building Connectivity While Earning Additional Revenue

The next big thing on the agenda for commercial and residential real estate? Connecting supply and demand for universally accessible wireless services through small cells, which are seen as a key enabler of in-building wireless services.
Small cells are tiny cellular stations that create hot spots of network connectivity. It’s a clever way to densely pack cell network expansion into hard-to-reach locations and carries the potential to revolutionize real estate in an era of business, entertainment, and lifestyles reliant on the Internet.
If you’re a property owner or manager, the opportunity is significant. Small cell technology has created a need for operators to think beyond their normal in-building deployment processes. Private property owners can now monetize their existing assets, creating new revenue streams through rental fees, while receiving better wireless service indoors. But how?
Historically, market entry has been complicated. How do you even get on an operator’s radar? And if your property is seen as a candidate for a small cell site, there’s another hurdle – navigating the negotiations and complex procurement processes intrinsic to dealing with large companies in general.
Almost more importantly, cellular connectivity is as necessary a part of modern-day infrastructure as electricity, water, and gas. With the exponential saturation of smart devices across the global market – by 2022, the number of smartphone users is expected to reach over 270.6 million users, up from just 62.6 million users in 2010 – owners, developers, and managers are compelled to outfit their properties with the ‘fourth utility.’
There simply hasn’t been a way to connect operators and property owners, at scale, and streamline the monetization opportunity, until now.
Enter  This revolutionary, award-winning platform is changing the way operators search for and retain small cell locations. And for property owners and managers, it’s the chance to get their properties in front of operators for monetization and to increase much-coveted connectivity for their tenants.
With , property owners can easily showcase the details of their real estate offerings to attract operator interest. Owners and managers can securely upload the details of their offerings, receive suggested pricing, and gain lucrative exposure to the ever-expanding marketplace. And by eliminating the site acquisition process, owners retain a greater share of the revenue. has also eliminated the complexities of operator negotiations and relationships, having signed agreements with the operators on the front end. Property owners and managers need only upload their assets from the comfort of their home or office and takes it from there. They immediately begin marketing assets to all types of operators deploying networks.
Operators benefit, too. They can easily search and uncover key information about property assets nationwide – height, pictures, distance to fiber, pricing, and more. The site uses interactive maps, proprietary algorithms, and sourced fiber maps to help operators select sites ideal for their deployment needs. And with the site acquisition process eliminated, operators save precious time and money searching out locations one-by-one. has also solved another key issue for operators and deployments – lengthy deployment timelines. Historically, operators have taken upwards of 2 years to deploy a single small cell! With contracts, site acquisitions, and negotiations done on the front end – and coming soon, streamlined zoning and permitting! – has a proven 4-month deployment timeline in most markets. That’s a significant improvement over previously costly and lengthy deployments.
Tier-1 and regional mobile carriers, ISP providers, and Internet of Things companies use the site daily to pick and evaluate small cell locations. With over 5,000 build locations in the pipeline and new operators and property owners signing up every day, it’s quickly become the de-facto platform for small cell deployment players across the nation.
To date, has created in excess of $20 million of new revenue over the next 10 years for their represented property owners – and growing every day. Additionally, they’ve improved the in-building connectivity for over 4,000 locations nationwide. has proven to be a valuable and much-needed platform for operators and property owners alike.
To learn more about small cells for in-building wireless or to sign your property up, visit and click ‘More Info.’

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