High Performance and Operating Efficiency – One Telematics product that can do it all

ERM Advanced TelematicsERM Advanced Telematics, an international automotive technology announced the launch of its StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi in a company release. The telematics product can integrate advanced vehicle tracking, driver behavior, monitoring, theft prevention, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G cellular capabilities in a single device.
The StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi is the first product under ERM’s new Wireless Connect strategy, which will aim to use wireless technologies to provide its partners such as vehicle fleet management companies, vehicle manufacturers and importers and car insurance companies with a competitive edge.
Any vehicle that has the StarLink Tracker installed in it will instantly become a Connected Car. The product’s modularity lets users add capabilities at any time through add-on products ERM or a third party provides. Adding products can be done on demand and without having to replace the StarLink Tracker device, which will continue to function as the central tracking and communications unit under any such solution.
Prior to the StarLink Tracker, a lot of telematics products that could track vehicles, analyze situations, events and driver behavior required wire hook-ups to be installed. However, StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi and future products ERM Advance Telematics launches under its Wireless Connect strategy can be installed by using a smartphone, which would communicate through Bluetooth connection to configure the product and perform any required adaptations. The process will be completed much faster compared to other telematics devices and with less aggravation than may have arisen if a wired hook-up was required.
Additional features include a microphone and loudspeaker to initiate and receive calls and dial emergency numbers; the ability to provide information about driving behavior, including careless driving, accidents and speed violations, which can be used to significantly improve fleet management capabilities and decrease operational expenses.
The product weighs less than a pound and can crate Wi-Fi hotspots in a vehicle for up to eight devices. The StarLink Tracker also features a 4G cellular modem, GPS/GLONASS/Galileo location module and an ability to navigate inside underground parking lots or in mines; internal antennas, emergency button support and built-in data logger.
The StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi’s 4G capability will provide broadband communications for applications such as listening to online music, video consumption or surfing the web during the car ride. The product’s Bluetooth capability will enable installers, drivers and end-users to connect mobile devices, receive information and set different configurations without the need for wires.
“One of our paramount objectives, to which we strive daily, is to provide our business partners over the globe with competitive advantages,” Eitan Kirshenboim, CMO of ERM Advanced Telematics said in a statement. “As a leading company with unique perspective and more than 30 years’ experience in the automotive field, ERM relies on its proven technological capabilities in order to provide these advantages to car manufacturers, car fleets’ service providers, vehicle importers and other industry players. We help these players establish technological supremacy based on the ability to support wide range of functionalities, and deliver high performance and operating efficiencies in any market they operate in or intend to operate in.
“Our Wireless Connect strategy enables the industry to achieve these objectives simultaneously. The StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi, as the pioneer product under this strategy, highlights this well. Alongside the product’s impressive technological capabilities, its ability to support growing number of sensors and telematics applications while minimizing the installation time and cost, greatly helps our business partners.”
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