CBRE 360 Helps Boost Productivity In Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial real estate services and investment firm CBRE has found a way to enhance employees’ experience and productivity while they are at work—with a mobile app.
The company’s app, CBRE 360, was built to help occupiers and investors around the world create transformative workplace solutions and destinations of choice by integrating property services and amenities with advanced digital technologies, according the CBRE’s website.
“Workplace experience has become an increased focus for property owners due to a few trends,” CBRE 360 Director of Business Development Mike Palladino told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “Primarily, occupiers now expect landlords to support their efforts in providing a workplace experience that increases employee productivity, engagement, and wellness, in addition to supporting their goal to retain and attract top talent.
“As a result, landlords are now viewing experience services as a differentiating factor to help attract and retain tenants, raise rent rates, and increase occupancy. The CBRE 360 app helps landlords enhance the workplace by providing occupants a modern, intuitive way to easily connect to the experience services offered in their buildings.”
To create such an app, CBRE leveraged its experience with workplace strategy and occupancy planning, design and build-out and property and facilities management and combined it with its technological capabilities. The end result was CBRE 360, whose services are embedded in major, global CBRE business lines. The app’s solutions are customized to deliver on every client’s unique culture and workplace requirements.
For example, the CBRE 360 mobile app allows property managers and tenants to communicate about building updates, find their way around workplace campuses, reserve workspaces and access services that range from ordering game or concert tickets, scheduling dry-cleaning pick-up or ordering lunch.
Currently, tenants most common requests are food and drink access, enhanced visitor management experience and top-notch amenities and services that help increase worker productivity. The CBRE 360 mobile app focuses on meeting all three. By using geo-location, the app allows employees or anyone else in a building order coffee and have it ready just moments before they enter the office. The same goes for any other type of concierge service that is available through the app—the app’s goal is to meet employees’ increasingly more rapid requirements.
Additionally, the CBRE 360 mobile app enhances building visitors’ experience from time-saving check-in processes to helping property managers better accommodate their staff members’ needs based on the visitor volume. The app also makes it easier for people to enter and leave a given building, which benefits both visitors and the tenants they’ve come to see.
From a marketing standpoint, the CBRE 360 mobile app can be used to let tenants know about other amenities like exercise classes or upcoming events like building happy hours or work classes that would interest commercial office tenants.
“CBRE 360 very simply is about enabling and creating tremendous experiences for the employee,” Andrew Kupiec, Global President, CBRE 360 said in a company interview. “No matter who you are, when you enter a facility that’s run by CBRE 360, you have a memorable experience. “Everything from how you find places in the building, to restaurants you eat at, to how you book your meetings and events, we want CBRE to be at the forefront of the employee experience in and out of the building.”

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