Broadstaff Helps Telecom Companies Win The War For Talent

With the emergence of the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), 5G wireless deployment and “smart” city initiatives, there has never been a more opportune time for digital infrastructure development…. That’s the good news.

The challenge then becomes, the more projects that become available, the more job positions need to be filled. And right now, companies are scrambling to find qualified professionals to take on these roles. The trend does not appear to be slowing down any time soon either—according to professional services company Accenture, the next generation of wireless technology is expected to create three million new jobs. This includes 50,000 new construction jobs every year during a seven-year buildout period to deploy the infrastructure that will be required for 5G.

Fortunately, companies are not alone as they try to hire people to fill all these jobs. Tampa-based BROADSTAFF is a full-service staffing firm that specializes in the wireless telecommunications industry and provides contract, contract-to- hire and direct hire services.

BROADSTAFF helps companies fill positions for numerous Telecommunications verticals including Small Cell/ DAS, Fiber, Data Centers, Tower, IoT, Network Real Estate and more.

“We are highly specialized in the wireless industry and understand the specific needs of our hiring managers,” BROADSTAFF CEO Carrie Charles said. “We speak ‘Telecom’ and weed out the non-qualified candidates, saving managers time and making the hiring process more efficient.”

BROADSTAFF is unique in the staffing world due to their vast telecom network, formed as a result of being so highly niched and present at industry events. The BROADSTAFF network includes over 30,000 potential Telecom candidates nationwide. The benefit of this network is speed — quality candidates delivered fast.

“Many times, we are a candidate’s first call when they are ready for a new opportunity. Our clients get first pick of top talent before other companies know they are available,” Charles said.

When it comes to matching companies with qualified candidates, BROADSTAFF’s vision is centered on building connections that matter. The company is dedicated to providing a positive experience for its clients as well as the job candidates it is looking to match them up with.

The company’s vision also entails providing a positive atmosphere for its own employees. They recently moved their headquarters to a larger space designed to promote employee happiness, productivity and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, BROADSTAFF takes time to give back to the community. Each quarter, the company takes a percentage of its profits and donates it to employees’ favorite charities.

“We place people first,” Charles said. “Telecom is a small world and we value every single relationship. We do much more than recruit, we advise companies on hiring strategies, we listen, we coach and connect people to new possibilities. Simply put, we are a people company.”

Currently, BROADSTAFF is helping companies find quality candidates while also growing its own company. Recently, Mike Day was promoted to Executive Vice President of Production and Julie Anderson to Executive Vice President of Training, Development and Talent Acquisition.

BROADSTAFF leadership is currently expanding its recruiting and account management teams, securing its place as one of the leading Telecommunications staffing firms in the US.

With 5G expected to create three million job openings, there’s never been more a critical time to enhance recruiting practices. Companies need to fulfill on projects and say “yes” to more work, but they can’t do this without people.

BROADSTAFF is ahead of the curve by investing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology that will supercharge the results for their candidates and clients.

“These innovative AI tools will help us find qualified people even faster and allow us to serve our clients and candidates better in 2019 and beyond,” Charles said.

“Recruiting is usually the least favorite part of a manager’s job. Our goal is to make it easy, make the manager shine and help their team thrive,” she said. As Charles says, “at BROADSTAFF, we got your back.”

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