Fifth Gen Advisory Services is all about helping wireless providers build brand and effectively market their products and services to the commercial real estate community.

Carrier funding for a relatively small number of large public venues and high profile commercial buildings, for the most part, has given way to an owner funded enterprise model, with a potential total available market of perhaps a hundred thousand commercial buildings. 

This significant increase in opportunity has naturally attracted more players creating more competition. Simple word-of-mouth networking worked for many years in this relatively low volume business, but it has seen its day. Successfully selling into the commercial real estate market today is not about technology it’s about marketing. A customized, differentiated and highly focused message, framed in real estate terms, communicated via relevant media is needed to compete.

Fifth Gen Advisory Services as an adjunct to Connected Real Estate Magazine is well positioned to help wireless vendors and DAS systems integrators craft the right message and effectively communicate it to the real estate professional. A wide range of marketing services are offered, all aimed at connecting wireless vendors with developers, building owners and commercial property management firms in order to build brand, create relationships and most importantly uncover new opportunities.      

System Integration Companies

Traditionally, DAS Systems Integrators coming from a carrier oriented world did little if no marketing.  In today’s highly competitive enterprise environment that is a huge disadvantage. Selling to the enterprise requires being known. Only compelling outreach marketing will accomplish that objective.

Fifth Gen Advisory Services helps SI’s create and execute focused and compelling outreach programs that communicate their value and differentiation in terms real estate professionals will understand and appreciate.  The Service then aggressively communicates the message to tens of thousands of Real Estate professionals via a variety of media channels.


 The Advisory Service uses a variety of tools to accomplish its mission:

  • Market Research – Discovers emerging trends in providing In-Building Wireless Communications
  • Competitive Analysis – What the competition is doing in regards to cellular coverage
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Direct client feedback
  • Focus Groups – Understand real estate thinking in regards to the importance being connected 

In addition to outreach campaigns, think of The Advisory Service as an extension of your marketing efforts, or as your own affordable marketing department.

Some additional services are:

  • Value proposition creation
  • Product/services description
  • Elevators pitches
  • Booth messaging
  • Sales Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Articles
  • Web content
  • Customer satisfaction and reputation surveys
  • Test marketing of products or services

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