Sponsored- Whoop Wireless Rises Again After a Quick Transition

Whoop Wireless has proven that just because a company changes, it doesn’t mean the quality of its product has to. Whoop Wireless, which provides in building cellular and public safety systems to buildings between 30,000 square feet and 500,000 square feet, has found itself in a bit of transition as of late.
It has been almost a year since 5G Property Solutions, LLC purchased the Whoop Wireless brand along with certain assets to continue the OEM product line and continue to serve and expand their managed service customer base. The company has moved its headquarters to Highlands Ranch, CO and built up its management team and infrastructure.

“As we went through our due diligence we saw great potential and market penetration with the Whoop brand as we spoke to current and potential customers,” Jeff Bell, CEO and President of 5G Property Solutions told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “It has been very rewarding to see the customer base continue its loyalty to the Whoop brand. I am a former military guy so our process over the past 12 months has been one of “crawl, walk, run. It has served us well.”

As 5G Property Solutions overseeing Whoop Wireless started to become a reality in November of 2018, Whoop President and CEO Jeff Bell and VP of Engineering and Operations Brian Kinsey began to run the company with the assets it bought from Whoop Wireless LLC. Mark Strittmatter came on as VP of Customer Service and Sales in February of 2019. 5G Property Solutions filed for the Whoop Wireless DBA (Does Business As) to maintain relationships with the customers they had close relationships with and continued to service the existing Managed Service contracts.

While the 5G Property Solutions launch is expected to happen during early 2020, Whoop’s product quality has not been lost in shuffle.

“It’s kind of a refreshing story for small businesses and entrepreneurs that says, ‘Hey, if you engage your customer, if you have a good product, the product speaks for itself,” Bell said. “We’ve invested a lot of money in improving the products from the hardware to the software to the firmware to the managed service network monitoring maintenance platform we have. There’s a lot of good news that’s there. It did take some restructuring, but it took a new entity to move it forward.”

Whoop Wireless’ customers have also noticed its products quality hasn’t dipped during the transition. According to Bell, since they’ve reengaged with their clients, the feedback has been positive. Customers have expressed their pleasure in the fact that a number of Whoop Wireless’ products are still available. The company’s also worked with customers who want to do beta testing with Whoop on their equipment software and next generation Managed Service platform that offers cellular as a service.

“That’s all come from our customer base, so that’s been fantastic for us,” Bell said. “It’s a customer driven product—they gave us their wish list and we are entering the last phase (of four). We’ll have finished the customer’s wish list for the managed service solution piece by the end of 2019, which is pretty cool. If they build the system, they’re going want to use it and tell others about it. That’s been a good thing for us.”

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