SOLiD Creates a Seamless 5G In-Building Experience

SOLiD Expands ALLIANCE Platform to Create a Seamless 5G In-Building Experience

In-building coverage, capacity and public safety infrastructure provider SOLiD introduced its Fiber2Antenna™ solution. A compact, active 5G antenna, during Mobile World Congress Los Angeles, this week. The company designed its latest class of wireless solutions to help solve the Middleprise in-building coverage challenge. The SOLiD ALLIANCE™ edgeROU is the first new product in this collection.

SOLiD ALLIANCE platform delivers advanced fiber-to-edge technology

The new Fiber2Antenna exists on the modular SOLiD ALLIANCE platform. The platform’s solutions deliver advanced fiber-to-edge technology. In turn, provides a “Wi-Fi like” mobile experience indoors. The SOLiD Fiber2Antenna solutions are compatible with the biggest mobile networks around the world. They support 5G’s new radio specifications for future-proof investment protection.

“Leveraging our expertise in industry-leading, multi-operator DAS technology, SOLiD is driving cost and complexity out of Middleprise solutions to solve coverage issues that we otherwise can’t address affordably,” SOLiD Americas President Ken Sandfeld said in a statement. “With the introduction of this new Fiber2Antenna class solution segment, SOLiD will change how enterprise buildings solve wireless coverage in 2020. Just as 5G commercial services approach mass market adoption.”

EdgeROU offers a smaller active antenna

Meanwhile, the new SOLiD ALLIANCE edgeROU offers a smaller, active antenna that is easy to install. It also offers 15 to 25% more coverage per antenna point in-building and its amplifiers are more powerful than its competitors’. The edgeROU also offers the Middleprise a “Wi-Fi like” solution to cover its buildings.

“The ALLIANCE Fiber2Antenna edgeROU is aimed for CRE owners and similar types of projects,” Sandfeld told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “A digital sealing for Fiber2Edge is part of the technology road map for the building and customer. The key for CRE is that the solution needs to deploy live Wi-Fi and look like Wi-Fi solutions when installed. The ALLIANCE edgeROU is set to disrupt the CRE space. Doing so by providing industry leading small form factor RF output power and power consumption.

Allowing Commercial Real Estate to provide a cost-effective solution for mobile operators

“ALLIANCE edgeROU will help tenants meet the growing demand through the use of structured cabling. Thus allowing CRE building owners to deploy in a much more cost-effective fashion into more of their buildings.”
SOLiD also launched its RocketWAVE™ 5G off-air repeater platform this week. The RocketWAVE solution features millimeter wave (mmWAVE), signal distribution as well as indoor 5G performance, speed and capacity. The new RocketWAVE mmWAVE products will provide a cost-effective solution for mobile operators. Specifically, those who want seamless in-building service to extend their indoor mmWave networks in the United States. RocketWAVE mmWave products will support 24GHz, 28Ghz, and 39GHz individually.

5G subscribers often experience a drop in performance when they walk inside a building that doesn’t have reliable in-building solutions. The issue is problematic with new mmWave frequencies. In particular due to their higher attenuation and short propagation nature. Plus, extending 5G coverage indoors is challenging because more energy-efficient building materials are being used. These materials can block or weaken RF signals.

Outdoor-to-indoor strategy for 5G mmWave coverage

“The reliance on an outdoor-to-indoor strategy for 5G mmWave coverage depends on the assumption that small cell sites on lower height poles and structures are readily available,” Earl J. Lum, said in a statement. Lum is Founder and President, EJL Wireless Research. “EJL Wireless Research has proven this strategy to have flaws, given the state of 5G mmWave networks across the U.S. currently. “The RocketWAVE solution bypasses the requirement for small cell sites to deploy 5G mmWave radios. And allows for the mobile operator to directly feed 5G mmWave signals indoors from off-air repeaters deployed on rooftops. This enables support for enterprise users without the need to try to beam the signals through Low-E Glass windows or require outdoor CPEs to have them mounted below the tree line.”

“Everyone is focusing on how to plan their networks to build out sufficient 5G outdoor coverage. The fact remains that up to 80 percent of mobile traffic occurs indoors,” Sandfeld said in a statement. “Our new RocketWAVE 5G technology platform unleashes the full potential of mmWave 5G performance where 5G subscribers want service indoors. RocketWAVE will provide ‘hotspot’ 5G service exactly where the mobile operator wants it. Allowing carriers to deliver an outstanding, seamless 5G experience that lives up to the hype.”

ALLICANCE edgeROU shipments could to begin during the first quarter of 2020. SOLiD will start to take orders before the end of this year. SOLiD has not yet announced a shipment date for the RocketWAVE solution, but they expect deliveries to begin in 2020. To learn more, visit SOLiD’s booth (1918) at Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles.

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