Report from the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles

Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) that opened on Tuesday brought to the forefront just how invested the Wireless industry is in 5G, but while there were a smattering of demos using this new technology, the killer app for 5G is still elusive. The best that the collective industry has to offer now is touting the increased speeds for 5G without very much to offer on how that will improve on what we have now.

It is really gratifying to walk the show and see more options for in-building coverage than ever before. The major players in the space have chosen to be here for this event and that trend seems to be growing. The number of booths displaying options for CRE and the vast and varied choices in technology and approach is real and here to stay. The good news is choices at every price point abound.

A major topic here at the show is Internet of Things (IoT) security and cybersecurity in general. There were numerous panels and keynotes focused on this topic at this event—with good reason. With the explosion of IoT uses no one is quite sure exactly how to protect their network with absolute certainty.

It seems that the need to provide layer upon layer of protection is what experts are recommending. This is certainly an ongoing problem that we will all hear much more about in the future.

One very interesting new twist that is being widely shown here in LA is the advent of the new 3.5 Ghz band called Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). There were demos galore showing how to run private networks over this newly opened frequency band with actual CBRS devices being used to carry voice and data for applications like commercial real estate, hospitals and healthcare, transportation and many others. While 5G may be a wonderful future for all of us, it appears that CBRS is here NOW.

My hope is that the CRE community will take the opportunity to begin attending the shows and events put on by the communications community and a closeness and understanding between these two huge industries will begin to take hold. If any of you would like guidance on which events specifically apply to your needs, please feel free to contact me at

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