JMA Wireless’ TEKO DAS solution helps boost Osage Casino’s wireless capacity

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When the Osage Casino and Hotel complex in Tulsa, OK went through its $160 million, 247,000 square foot expansion, it took every measure to ensure each guest had a world class experience—including installing robust wireless connectivity. To accomplish this, the casino worked with system integrator Longent, LLC, who partnered with mobile wireless systems provider JMA Wireless to provide the right solutions to enhance guests’ experience throughout the complex.

When JMA Wireless and Longent began the project, the companies had to address a few challenges to make sure the Osage could offer an unrestricted wireless connectivity experience for its guests. Typically, large entertainment venues are built with materials that can prevent cellular signals from reaching mobile devices. Plus, a big complex like the Osage attracts thousands of visitors, which can lead to numerous mobile users in one spot fighting for cellular connectivity—also known as densification. Another challenge—the Osage was still under construction when JMA and Longent were expected to install a system—in time for the grand opening.
Longent selected JMA’s TEKO Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to overcome these challenges. The modular rack-based solution has a footprint that’s 30 percent to 70 percent less than its competitors. The TEKO DAS currently supports two carriers and bands (1900 MHz and 2100 MHz), and has the ability to add two more carriers in the coming year. The capability makes the TEKO DAS “future proof” so the Osage can adjust its existing equipment to add new carriers and technologies as needed.
“We are confident our choice of the JMA TEKO solution and Longent as the interior provides our guest with outstanding cellular coverage,” Osage Casino Chief Information Officer Joe Roybal said in a statement.
The solution was deployed in 14 weeks and phased across the newly constructed events center. The 14-week window allowed the facility general contractor to construct just ahead of where Longent needed to install JMA’s equipment.
“Guests can expect to move seamlessly across the entire complex, achieving ubiquitous wireless coverage as they share their experiences,” JMA Wireless Executive, Business Development, Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment Fernando Perez told Connected Real Estate Magazine.
“The newly constructed Skyline Event Center is now capable of delivering wireless capacity for fans and performers, which will help attract top talent.”
With the installation, Osage Casino and Hotel guests enjoy an ultimate wireless communications experience. Visitors can move seamlessly across the whole complex, get reliable coverage and share the fun their having on their social media posts without any issues. Longent executives were quick to applaud Osage’s staff and executives, who removed every roadblock necessary to keep the project on time and at budget. Meanwhile, the JMA Wireless team supported Longent through every step of the project, including providing design support, state-of-the-art technology and constant availability during the construction process.
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“The Osage Casino is another effective example of how many Longent financial models accomplished the customer’s goal,” Longent CEO Rick Youngbar said in a statement. “Osage Casino and JMA Wirless were exemplary partners in this venture, and together, we worked to accomplish a successful project.”
“It was a real honor working directly with a venue CIO like Joe Roybal and a great partner like Longent,” Perez told Connected. “Projects are most successful when you work with venue owners and managers who understand cellular as an added guest amenity and are keen on preparing for future technologies.”
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